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Bespoke Forecasting

All energy businesses have their own unique way of working and need the right data to facilitate this. Often a bespoke forecast model is the best way to optimise performance. That's why we work with our clients to develop and integrate bespoke solutions that fit their individual needs. Whether it be for generation asset management, to balance a supply portfolio or to optimise a specific trading strategy, we have the expertise and models to produce high quality forecasting tailored to client requirements.


Our development and delivery utilises our existing infrastructure and suite of model input data to ensure we can offer a cost effective and reliable solution. That ensure we can help clients maximise the utility of the data they have available to them whilst keeping costs down. 

Our people have decades of experience working in the GB power market and for some of the most important companies. There's not much we haven't come across so if you have a problem, why not run it by us and see if we can help out. We have expertise in many aspects of the industry and will be able to assist you in areas such as:

  • Future energy scenarios (FES);

  • Future distribution energy scenarios (DFES);

  • Electricity demand forecasting;

  • Renewable generation modelling;

  • Bid and Offer acceptance data;

  • REMIT and transparency data;

  • Balancing and settlement codes;

  • Reserve scarcity pricing;

  • Power network modelling;

  • Wind cut-out modelling;

  • Constraints costs analytics;

  • Grid Supply Point (GSP) metering data;

  • The Balancing Mechanism;

  • Generation dispatch;

  • Power price forecasting;

  • NETA, electricity market and electricity settlements;

  • Innovation project collaborations and management;

  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs); and

  • Elexon market data processing and handling;

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